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Our History

In 2020, after the world experienced the COVID-19 pandemic, founder and executive director, Charlotte Bass, knew there was more to offer the community than what she had been previously doing. With other riding centers in the area taking a more traditional route to therapeutic riding, the needs of the world changed and a center needed to emerge to cater to the unique situations that she was now encountering. In Fall 2020, STARZ Equestrian Center was formed and run out of Arcadia Stables (Owner: Danielle Weddle) in Holly. STARZ was inspired by our motto: where everyone can be a star because we truly believe that everyone deserves to shine bright! By June 2021, the organization had incorporated and received 501(c)(3) tax exemption status. The program continues to flourish and serve the metro Detroit community through therapeutic riding lessons, 4H horse shows, equine-assisted learning opportunities, horsemanship programs, field trips, and community engagements.

STARZ plan for the future includes an equine community center that embraces our mission of using the therapeutic power of horses to meet the needs of the community by offering riding and groundwork opportunities but also incorporating open barn hours to allow people of any age and ability to interact with the horses when they need it. By allowing an open center, we will provide the ability for people to learn barn work and how to care for horses and even present employment opportunities. We need your help to make our dreams come true!

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